A driver has been jailed for six months after trying to claim someone else had been speeding in his car.

Mihail Florea was caught speeding on the A449 at Hartlebury on May 29, 2021, a camera detecting that he was travelling at 64mph in a 50mph limit.

He denied being the driver of the vehicle and nominated two other people on two separate occasions, despite being sent photographs that clearly showed it was him driving.

Florea, of Kidderminster, was found guilty of perverting the course of justice and sentenced to six months in prison at Worcester Crown Court on June 14.

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Supt Steph Brighton of West Mercia Police said: “There are many local residents whose quality of life is affected by people speeding through their community and families that unfortunately have experienced the devastating consequences that speeding and collisions can lead to.

"Enforcing the speed limit is a priority for us and those who chose to lie about such offences will not escape the law.”