A DISABLED woman who claims she is being hounded out of her home by false complaints is 'disgusted' housing bosses have yet to meet with her.

Tracy Ratcliffe believes she is the victim of a campaign of false complaints to get her evicted from her home in Beauchamp Road in Malvern.


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However, after she raised the issue again, she now understands that someone from Platform Housing will be coming to see her after all this Friday to discuss her concerns.

This was confirmed by Lisa Fairlie, Director of Housing Operations at Platform Housing Group, who said : "We can confirm contact has been made with Ms Radcliffe and we will be visiting her this week to discuss her concerns. Our apologies for the delay."

Miss Ratcliffe, who has lived at that address for the last 26 years, has been the subject of numerous complaints to her landlord, Platform Housing Group. 

Claims she smokes cannabis (including reports to police), throws dog excrement over her fence, plays loud music, is a noise nuisance because of her barking dogs and has damaged a hedge are, she says, simply not true.

The 53-year-old, who is 'riddled with arthritis', has warned that if the complaints persist she will pursue legal action against Platform and those she believes are making the complaints. 

She received a response via email from Platform on June 9 which said: "Thank you for your enquiry received June 6. This has been logged as a Quick Resolution complaint and directed to your investigating Officer.

"You will be contacted further regarding your concerns within the next three working days."

However, Miss Ratcliffe, speaking today (Wednesday), said she still had not received a response of any kind from Platform.

She said: "I do feel totally ignored by Platform and I think a face-to-face appointment would be better."

However, later the same day, after Platform was contacted by the Worcester News for a response, Miss Ratcliffe said a neighbourhood officer had phoned her to say someone would come to see her.

The mum-of-two had previously said: "I'm absolutely disgusted with Platform Housing. They really don't care about the tenants at all. It makes me wonder why we have to pay rent. It's a disgraceful service."

She confirmed she had sought legal advice on Monday, May 30 regarding those she believes are making the complaints and the actions of Platform Housing Group since.

In an email sent earlier this month, she wrote that she had been 'harassed and victimised'.

She wrote: "I do not get any support from Platform Housing at all, every time I phone platform Housing or email them I keep being told that the housing officer will phone me in the next five working days and the housing officer has never phoned me."