A MUM'S screams could be heard from a handsfree device after a car ended up on its roof on a main road in Worcester.  

Good Samaritans alerted by a loud banging rushed to the aid of a driver whose VW Polo car flipped on London Road.

They could hear the anguished wails of the driver's mum through the handsfree device - though the man managed to walk away from the crash unscathed.

Worcester News: Crash on London Road in WorcesterCrash on London Road in Worcester

The car hit a Ford Tourneo Custom Motability car used by a family with disabled sons who say they will now be 'isolated' with their car out of action.

Dad Gary Macey said: "Myself and my partner were first alerted to the incident when we heard three loud bangs outside followed by screaming.

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Worcester News: London Road: Three cars crashed on London Road in WorcesterLondon Road: Three cars crashed on London Road in Worcester

"We have two disabled infants and our Motability vehicle was damaged in the incident and we now have no vehicle to use until the insurance arrange something.

 "We often need to take emergency trips to Birmingham Children's Hospital because of our little ones and now we are worried about that."

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Worcester News: London Road: Three cars crashed on London Road in WorcesterLondon Road: Three cars crashed on London Road in Worcester

Molly Geehan, who witnessed the crash said: "It happened at 10.10pm and I was travelling on my way home from work. 

"They [police] were breathalysing him as I left."

Worcester News: Crash on London Road Crash on London Road

She claims he hit the parked cars, his tyre burst and it flipped the car.

"He took off the back wheel of the car, the car flipped and a couple of sparks let off, it only flipped once and landed on its roof.

"It was quite scary, the police asked if I was okay because I was literally a couple of seconds behind him and I had to slam the breaks because I was a little bit behind him and had to do an emergency stop."

Ollie Palfrey said: "People locally have said it sounded like an explosion.

"I live close by and heard several bangs. The lad walked away uninjured, which is good."

A spokesperson for West Mercia Police: "We were called shortly before 10.15pm last night following reports of a collision on London Road in Worcester, where one moving vehicle had struck a stationary one.

"Officers attended and road closures were put in place for a short period while the fire and rescue service assessed one of the vehicles. Nobody was injured during the incident."

A previous version of this story stated the driver got out of the car and tried to change the tyre which led to it flipping over. This was a misunderstanding of an eyewitness account and the record has been updated to reflect that.