A MINIONS meme of watching the new movie in suits and recording it for social media has cost one city cinema over £1,000 in refunds.

Hoards of teenagers have been watching the new film Minions: The Rise of Gru dressed in suits and recording themselves on social media.

But the behaviour that accompanies the trend - cheering, shouting and mimicking the Minion characters - has caused issues for other filmgoers and left one Worcester cinema counting the cost. 

Annoyed film fans not in on the joke have demanded refunds at Vue Cinema in Worcester costing over £1,000.

The trend has forced the cinema in Friar Street to bring in tough new rules with anyone wearing a suit being warned not to misbehave before the film begins.

A manager at Vue Cinema Worcester, said: "The trend cost me £1,300 yesterday.

"I had to refund all of the tickets in that theatre because of kids shouting and mimicking the Minions while the film was playing. 

"It was a group of about eight kids. 

"Now, when we see any kids coming in to see the film dressed up we give them a warning.

"We tell them that if there is one complaint, whatever that may be, they will be kicked out of the cinema.

"It's something being implemented across a lot of cinemas, I have colleagues in Cheltenham who I know have had problems as well."

While the Odeon cinema in Foregate Street has not seen the same problems, the manager is concerned that the trend is causing disruption.

He said: "We've not had any disturbances here or seen anyone dressing up. 


"The issue with the trend is children running around and treating the film as an opera, shouting and clapping.

"We had one small disturbance but we asked the kids to be quiet and they were so, fortunately, it's not been an issue for us."

Generally, the social media trend sees large groups of teenagers dressed identically in suits coming to cinemas to watch the new film.

One person posted their version on Twitter and said: "I love being Gen Z. We have so much power." 

Another Twitter user said: "I am living for all the teenagers and young adults on tiktok going to see Minions: Rise of Gru in suits, formal attire, or dressed like minions it’s so funny for no reason."


Videos of this trend are also being posted on TikTok, again showing groups of teens wearing suits entering a cinema to enjoy the film.