WORCESTER Warriors' co-owner Colin Goldring has been banned from the legal profession without regulator's permission after a multi-million-pound car deal for a client fell through.

Goldring, 38, co-owns Warriors with business partner Jason Whittingham - as well as Football League club Morecambe - but was a trainee solicitor for a law firm back between 2016 and 2018 when the incident occurred.

Goldring acted as an intermediary between a member of a foreign royal family and a party selling cars and is reported to have taken £8million from the unnamed royal to supply three 'high-value motorcars'. 

The client did not get his cars and as a result, Goldring was reported to the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal along with his boss Raja Shazad Khan and was made to pay £13,000 in costs, with Mr Khan being made to pay £20,000.

A Warriors statement said: "All regulatory bodies expressed to Goldring that they were satisfied he was fit and proper to own and be director of a sports club".

Following the report, Goldring said: "The legal profession is rightly held to a high standard, and it is regrettable that failings were found at the firm I was working for as a trainee which impacted some work I did for a client.

"The outcome delivered by the SRA acknowledges the lack of appropriate supervision provided to me as a trainee solicitor.

"It cleared me of any allegations of dishonesty or lack of integrity and did not impose a fine or ban.

"The Agreed Outcome that I would not work for a law firm again without the SRA’s prior consent is fair and does not impact my current position.

"The outcome was agreed on the basis I had acted with honesty and integrity. I hold these values in the highest regard and am glad my name was cleared on both.

"I thank Worcester Warriors and the partners and sponsors I have spoken with for their continued confidence in me."