A DRAG QUEEN icon is giving the people of Worcester an exclusive insight into their upcoming album Tonic set to release on August 5. 

Ginny Lemon, most famous for appearing on the iconic TV show RuPaul's Drag Race UK, is set to perform excerpts of their new album at Huntingdon Hall on July 30.

Ginny who used to work at Huntingdon Hall has always said 'Wozza' is a special place for them and revealed that their new album was written in Worcester. 

"I tend to only write when I'm home, I need the spiritual energy of shire to keep me going. 

Ginny described their new self-produced album as zesty, fruity and boozy with hints of humour from everyday life.  

After releasing the single Ding Dong on June 24, they said: "I'm very excited about my new album, I called it Tonic because it's my tonic after the past two years. 

"It's all about bringing light into the darkness." 

Ginny added: "Songs in the album talk about the thankless tasks people go through. 

"A lot of us are stuck in jobs and work with people we hate and stuck in our overdraft.

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Worcester News: Ginny Lemon. Picture: InstagramGinny Lemon. Picture: Instagram

"The album talks about how you feel going to work every day, dealing with these people and still not having any money." 

"The album is about finding humour in everyday things like being in your overdraft and eating biscuits.  

Worcester News: Ginny Lemon. Picture: Instagram Ginny Lemon. Picture: Instagram

Fans can expect songs like an 'ode to biscuits' which was written during lockdown and Ginny says: "It's a story about my favourite biscuits.

"All I did during lockdown was eat biscuits and watch the news, towards the end of lockdown, I turned off the news, but the biscuits were still there. 

"I hope it has international reach, I mean music is an international language and I want it to go mega-platinum.

"No, I just want people to be kind."  

Since featuring in Season two of the Drag Race Ginny says they are still surprised to be recognised in Worcester. 

Worcester News: Ginny Lemon. Picture: Instagram Ginny Lemon. Picture: Instagram

The drag queen said: "I got spotted in Worcester. When I go out and do shows, it's nice to know that people in Worcester support me. 

"But when I'm out and about and I'm just going to the shops, I don't expect to be noticed." 

Tonic will be available on all streaming services on August 5.