A WELL-KNOWN city businessman has shared his struggles with alcohol in an emotive YouTube video.

Warren Leggett, owner of Warren's Removals, published a YouTube Video called "Alcohol in Business" where he recounts his struggles with alcohol and his working life.

In the video, Warren says despite never drinking at work, he was drinking daily due to stress and anxiety having a major impact on his mental health.

Warren said: "The stress got to me and it reached a point where I would be drinking every day. I never drank whilst at work but I came close to it.

"The sooner I finished work the sooner I could drink, and the more time I had in the day meant the more I could consume.

"I did not realise how much I was affecting my family life, my daughter and my wife."


Alongside the video, Warren shared a message on social media marking his 931 days since he last drank alcohol.

The post said: "A lot of people don’t know this about me as I hid it well. It’s still a sore subject because I still have a deep hatred for my former self.

"You can tell in my voice how nervous I was about this one but when Bourne Focus Films reached out and suggested making a video on this topic I just couldn’t turn it down.

"Today marks 931 days since my last sip. If this can help one person, then my work here is done. If this video helps nobody then at least I can say I tried."

Since Warren decided to stop drinking alcohol, he said that his life and his business drastically improved.

Worcester News: Warren Leggett.Warren Leggett.

He said: " I’ve turned my life around. Business is brilliant and I have achieved things I would have never been able to do whilst drinking.

"I’m rational, I think straight, I’m stable and I’m in a good place mental health-wise.

"My life has turned around for the better and Harper (Warren's Daughter) is witnessing a dad who she can never remember drinking alcohol."

Warren's Removals was established in 2014, and covers Worcester, Stratford-upon-Avon, Evesham, Droitwich, Malvern and Pershore.