THE GRANDCHILDREN of the world's biggest rabbit have been tipped to break the previous world record.

Former glamour model, Annette Edwards, of Stoulton, Worcestershire, was the owner of the world's biggest rabbit, Darius, which stood at an impressive 4ft 3in-long continental giant.

Darius' grandchildren, Harriot, Danny and Charlotte, have all been sold to a private breeder in Canada, with costs rising to £8,000 including transportation.

Worcester News: Annette Edwards with Harriot, Danny and Charlotte at 11 weeks old. Picture Credit: Annette Edwards. Annette Edwards with Harriot, Danny and Charlotte at 11 weeks old. Picture Credit: Annette Edwards.

Annette said: "It is just amazing that Darius' bloodline will be able to carry on like this.

"The lady who has bought the bunnies is so lovely and really excited to get them to North America.

"Moving rabbits to America does not require the buyer to accompany them in transit, but Canada's laws are very different so the breeder has to travel to Heathrow and back which has attributed to the cost.

"There are continental giants all over the world, but nothing quite like Darius in Canada, so I think she is very excited to breed some nice big bunnies.

"We may have some future record breakers one day."

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Two females and an unrelated male have been purchased, both of which come from large continental giant bloodlines.

The rabbits need to be microchipped and vaccinated before they are able to travel to North America.

Darius was tragically stolen from Annette's garden in 2021, which Annette says affected her for months.

He is still missing.

She said: "It really knocked me when Darius was taken. I was so ill for months over the thought of someone coming into my private property and stealing him. 

"It was devastating. I could not talk about it for a very long time, it still affects me to this day."

Worcester News: Darius.Darius.

When Darius was taken, Annette initially offered a £1,000 reward for his safe return.

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Darius previously appeared on British television shows including The Alan Titchmarsh Show and  The Jimmy Carr show.

He also appeared on shows in the Netherlands as well.

In 2018, Ms Edwards told the Worcester News that Darius was retiring as she wanted him to enjoy a less stressful life at home, and she was also following him into retirement after a varied modelling career.