A PAKISTANI man is searching for his long-lost brother who he believes to be in Worcester. 

Mohammed Sajjad, of Karachi, Pakistan, is searching for his brother, Saleem Jan Muhammad, whom he believes lives in Worcester.

He has shared family photographs and mementoes in his desperate search to be reunited with his long lost brother.

Mr Sajjad said: "I have a brother living in Worcester city, but it has been 50 years and we have not been in touch at all.

"My father, Jan Mohammed, was abroad for work in the UK, and he got whilst he was there and had a son.

"We are hoping that he may see this article and reach out to us and hopefully he can come and visit us here in Pakistan."

If you at all have any information about Saleem Jan Muhammad, you can email Joseph.Broady@newsquest.co.uk.