WE took part in an interactive performance at this year's Worcester Fringe Festival.

Jury Room of Souls is an interactive and intimate performance that was held at The Arch Rivals Pub in Worcester, as part of this year's many Worcester Fringe acts.

The premise of the show is watching the angels and demons argue over the eternal resting place of Jenny Lind, the famous Swedish opera singer who spent a lot of her life in Worcestershire.

Their performances were sold out throughout the entirety of the day (Tuesday, July 26), with us narrowly grabbing the final slot at 10pm.

When we arrived at the venue, two of the performers greeted us at the entrance in character and began to tell us the premise of what we were in for.

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A demon called Luciana, played by Davina Wilkinson, and an angel called Sera, played by Anita Sambeth, told us that we were new recruits in the Jury Room of Souls, to help judge those in purgatory.

One of our party joined the side of the angels, and the other joined the side of the demons.

We were then escorted to a room above the Arch Rivals Pub, where we were introduced to two more characters, the angel Theo, portrayed by Jordi Evans, and the demon Mara, played by Rose Wilson.

We took our seats next to the performers and watched on as they judged souls to enter either Inferno or Paradise for all eternity.

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Worcester News: Five Sided Dice Theatre Company.Five Sided Dice Theatre Company.

When Jenny Lind's soul is called to be judged, you are informed that after 135 years the jury still cannot decide whether she should be sent to paradise or inferno.

The witty bickering back and forth was funny, and every now and then, we would be called on to contribute to the conversation as the new recruits. 

In the end, it was up to us as the new recruits to help determine where her soul belongs, with several endings available depending on the interactions of the groups participating.

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed the unique experience. You are made to feel part of the dialogue throughout the entirety of the 25-30 minute run time, and we particularly liked that our choices really impacted the outcome of the show.

The production is the work of the Five Sided Dice Theatre Company, compiled of University of Worcester students.

Worcester Fringe Festival has over 70 performances taking place at The Swan Theatre, Huntingdon Hall, Vesta Tilley Studio and the Royal Porcelain Works.

 The Arch Rivals and Paradiddles were two new venues for this year. 

Worcester Fringe will be running from Friday, July 22 and Sunday, July 31.