A SHOCKED man filmed lines of queuing ambulances at the city's hospital warning 'the NHS has had it'.

Chalky Martin, from St Johns, Worcester, took a video of about 15 ambulances queuing outside Worcestershire Royal Hospital's Accident and Emergency department.

He said he was at a standstill while he made his way to the main hospital for an appointment and uploaded it to Facebook.

The 54-year-old said: "Look at the state of it, I went to the hospital for an X-ray and that's the most I've seen at one time. I went up there and I was at a standstill, so I thought I'd take a video." 

Mr Martin said he has had to visit the hospital a few times in the past few years. 

He said: "I'm just the same as everybody else, nobody wants to be ill but also you dread going up there.

"The NHS has had it - unless they put some money into it. 

"Everybody is coming to Worcester from 20 miles around, there are more houses but fewer hospital beds. 

"You can't blame the staff, the staff are doing their best. The people making the decisions are acting like school kids." 

The video has had over 1000 views and Facebook users have shared their thoughts. 

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One user said: "My dad was told 11hr wait at A&E at the Alex. He died a few days later. No priority given to an 80yr in pain and on his way out."

Another added: "All full of elderly I was outside A&E another day same situation least ten ambulances had patients waiting to be admitted."

A social media user shared her sympathy and said: "It’s so bad, especially in the hot weather."

A social media user claimed to have seen 29 ambulances waiting outside at one time, he said: "Like it most nights now mate, those poor patients waiting all those hours in those trucks.

"Paramedics morale is pretty low as you can imagine.

"Most I've seen is 29 waiting." 

MP Robin Walker has pledged to fix the issue saying he has been raising awareness of the problems the hospital faces.

A spokesperson for the West Midlands Ambulance Service said: "We have the lowest conveyance rate of patients to A&E than any other ambulance service in the country, taking less than 50 per cent of patients to the hospital.

"We are conveying fewer patients to the hospital now than we were five years ago."