BARGAIN Buys has responded to claims made on social media a cashier was 'racist' to a customer in its store.

Social media claims have suggested an employee of the Bargain Buys store in Worcester, asked a woman to "speak proper English" and refused to take her money for a plastic bag.

The employee allegedly did not have a badge on at the time and was unable to be clearly identified.

In a statement, Bargain Buys said it is aware of the reports and the matter is being dealt with.

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A Bargain Buys spokesperson said: "We are aware of this complaint and would like to thank you for bringing this to our attention.

"Please be assured that racist or discriminative behaviour of any kind is not tolerated in our stores or company.

"This complaint has been raised to our higher management team, where they will investigate and address the staff member accordingly.

"Unfortunately, we cannot disclose the outcome of this due to GDPR reasons, however, rest assured it is being addressed internally with the highest of importance.

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"We are committed to ensuring that our workplace is free from any unlawful or unfair discrimination, victimisation or harassment.

"If you, or anyone you know, is aware of, or have experienced any breaches of this policy, then this should be brought to the company’s attention immediately to enable the appropriate actions to be taken."

Bargain Buys store in Worcester is located in Crowngate Shopping Centre and owned by Pound Stretcher.