THE owners of a Worcester pub established for almost 20 years are delighted it has been named as one of our top ten pubs in the city.

David Davies and his partner Heidi Kirkham have been the landlord and landlady of The Maple Leaf in Lower Wick for 17 years and have made it a favourite local spot for their regulars.

Mr Davies said: "We've been here for just over 17 years. In fact, we threw our 17-year party on July 10 so only a few weeks ago. 

"It's quite a long time to be in the same pub and obviously, we've seen quite a lot in Worcester.

"Before this, we had separate pubs in Kidderminster and she was my competition because she owned the pub up the road. 

"One day though, I had a night off and went up to her pub and the rest is history.

"To make the top ten is pretty darn good, to be honest.

"We've had quite a few customers come in over the years and we do a lot for the community. 

"Because we've been here as long as we have, we get to be a part of that community that we are in. 

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"We run a lot of teams: dominos, pool, darts, crib and skittles.

"Obviously, we have a lot of regulars.

"As times have gone on, our regulars have had children who used to be little nippers and now they're coming into the pub having a drink - it's surreal. 

"I have a chap in the pub now with his son who was probably two years old when we first came and now he's in there having a pint and playing pool with his dad."

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To vote for The Maple Leaf as the best pub in Worcester, you will need to collect the tokens that will be printed in the Worcester News every day until Saturday, August 13.

You can either post the tokens to The Maple Leaf, Canada Way, Lower Wick or just drop them in.

We’ll tot them all up at the end of the promotion and will announce the winning pub on Thursday, August 25.