WORRIED people sharing a post which claimed three teenagers had been attacked y a stranger in their home have been reassured it is a hoax.

Concerned residents shared the post which claimed a person had been going door to door in Worcester threatening people hundreds of times.

In the now-deleted post, the author said the man, with an English accent, had also attacked some teenagers.

West Mercia Police has reassured the public that it does not appear to be from the UK and that it could be from the towns of Worcester in either the USA or South Africa.

A West Mercia Police spokesperson said: "We are aware of the post currently circulating on Facebook, and can confirm that we have not received any reports whatsoever in relation to this.

Worcester News: POST: The Facebook postPOST: The Facebook post

"It’s clear that this is in relation to a different Worcester."

The post was shared by an account where the majority of posts were about buying and selling property, with the prices always in dollars and not pounds.

The Facebook post said: "Watch out for this man, he is going door to door in Worcester asking for money as he is saying he is locked out of his house.

"The house he was claiming as his isn't his. If you don't give him money, he will attack you.

"He attacked three home alone teens with a knife and is wanted by police for various crimes".

Despite this, the police spokesman reassured the public that they have received no such reports.