A DAIRY farm has installed a vending machine with a difference to bring fresh milk to residents 24 hours a day.

Wicton Farm, near Bromyard, has worked with Legges Butcher and Deli to install a 24-hour milk vending machine.

This allows people in the town to get their milk from their local dairy.

The "Milkbot" machine works 24 hours a day and provides fresh non-homogenised organic milk and milkshakes all day every day.

Based two miles outside Bromyard, Wicton Farm is one of the town's closest dairy farms and is a small, organic farm.

The cows there are 100% grass fed and only milked once per day.

Worcester News: CARE: Wild Cow Dairy is providing the milkCARE: Wild Cow Dairy is providing the milk

It is named "Wild Cow Dairy" due to the fact the cows are allowed to grow their horns as nature intended.

Claire Howlett, who runs the farm alongside brother Daniel, said: "We want to create a sustainable system that mindfully empowers people and animals to regeneratively heal our natural world as well as creating a happy and healthy environment for both the farmers and the cows.

"As a farm we are on a mission to become plastic free.

"We wanted to give people the same opportunity with our vending machine. Small changes can make a big difference.

"The vending machine offers people the option of buying a glass milk bottle which can be used again and again or people can bring their own container."

The vending machine offers people the option of buying a glass milk bottle which can be re-used.

Using the touchscreen, users can then select what they want.

Worcester News: MILK: Fresh milk in BromyardMILK: Fresh milk in Bromyard

There are photos of the cows and information about the farm at the vending machine, allowing people to understand where their food comes from.

The milk vending machine is a recent development, with a number of dairy farms in the region introducing it.

Churchfields in Droitwich has a similar system which allows people to pick up milk in the same way as the Legges machine.

For more information about the Wicton Farm vending machine, go to www.wictonfarm.co.uk/milk-vending-machine-1