A WORCESTER man has claimed the road outside his house was dug up without his knowledge whilst he was on holiday.

Saiful Islam, of Birchfield Close, off Merriman's Hill Road, claims the road in front of his driveway was dug up whilst he was on holiday, meaning on his return he had to wait over an hour to access his driveway.

The works are being carried out by City Fibre, which has said the work is for utility repair and maintenance works, according to One.network.

Mr Islam said: "There was no pre-notice and it meant that I could not get access to my driveway when I came home from my holiday.

"The workers at the scene said they had no idea why I was not informed about the work beforehand as they were just carrying out the work they were instructed to do."

Mr Islam first became alerted of the situation when he received a smart doorbell alert on his phone.
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He said: " I had a doorbell alert on my phone saying that they are going to be digging up in front of my road and could I move my car.

"I was not there at the time so I could not move the car. I returned on Wednesday and had to wait over an hour to get into my driveway because the road was dug up, which made me late for work.

"When I finally got into the house, my phone lines and broadband were both not working. It was incredibly frustrating."

One.network also said that the work is set to cause "some carriageway incursion".

We have contacted City Fibre for a comment.