AS England faces a drought this August, the Met Office has predicted the amount of rainfall we will see in Worcester over the course of the month.

A spokesperson for the Met Office said that the rain we saw earlier this week, which was just about enough to dampen the ground, was likely the last rain we will see until mid-August.

After that, the chances of rain increase but it is likely to be sporadic.

They said: "For the second half of the month, the chances of rain increase a little, but rainfall is most likely to be in the form of showers or thunderstorms, so sporadic and perhaps too much falling too quickly and running off rather than soaking in."

"The next couple of weeks look like being predominantly dry and this comes on the back of a dry July and indeed several months with generally below average rainfall (February was the only wetter than average month so far in 2022 for Worcestershire)."

A spokesperson for Worcester Environmental Group said the public had to wake up to climate change.

They said: "For the first time on record temperatures have exceeded 40C in the UK.

"This not the same as the drought that we had in 1976.

"We are entering a new human-created era of unprecedented severe climate change that is putting our environment under extreme pressure. 

"Our modern lifestyle often results in many of us being under the illusion that we are separate from nature.

"The reality is that we are entirely dependent on our environment for every mouthful of food that we eat and every drop of water that comes out of our taps.

"If we continue to neglect our life support system, we are in danger of degrading our environment to the point where the earth can longer support our population of several billion people. 

"We need to act now to create a flourishing environment where we and all other species can thrive together.

"If we keep doing what we have been doing, we will keep getting the same disastrous results. 

"We have an opportunity in Worcester to act locally to be a beacon for our global community. 

"Please be aware that many of our native species need to be hydrated too.

"Consider putting out a dish or bowl of water for birds, hedgehogs and other struggling animals."

Severn Trent recently sent out a message to customers asking them to refrain from using their hosepipes and sprinklers for a few days.

They said: "The hot weather is here and we want everyone to stay safe and hydrated. We are seeing a large increase in water use across the region.

"Please put the sprinklers and hosepipes away for a few days so we can keep the water flowing for all."