A STOURPORT man has been fined over £2,000 for failing to identify the driver of a vehicle in relation to an alleged offence.

Simon Williams, 51, failed to give information to West Mercia Police regarding the identity of a Volkswagen driver who was alleged to be guilty of a driving offence on September 16 2021.

Williams, of Redstone Lane, Stourport, also failed to provide information on January 20 2022 regarding the identity of the driver from the same incident.

His verdict was proven in a single justice procedure at Worcester Magistrates' Court on March 18 2022.

Williams was fined a total of £1,980 and was made to pay a surcharge to fund victim services of £66.

He also was made to pay costs of £110, and his driving record was endorsed with six points.

Williams has until August 31 2022 to pay the total balance of £2,156.