Heinz, Cadbury and Coca-Cola are among hundreds of brands who will be forced to remove their Royal Warrant on products following the death of the Queen on Thursday.

Her Majesty “passed away peacefully” at Balmoral last week at the age of 96.

A Royal Warrant allows companies to use the royal coat of arms on products and in marketing in exchange for supplying goods and services to the royals.

Unfortunately, since her passing, the warrant has now become void as Royal Warrants automatically expire on the death of the Royal who granted them, and firms have two years to remove the coat of arms from their products, vehicles and stationery.

Mourners pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

It means an anxious wait for the 620 businesses who held Royal Warrants granted by Queen Elizabeth II.

The Royal Warrant Holders Association (RWHA) said: "Amongst other things, applicants are also required to demonstrate that they have an appropriate environmental and sustainability policy and action plan.”

A full searchable list of Royal Warrant holders granted by the Queen can be found on the RWHA website.