AN Evesham United player had his car broken into on Wednesday night during an FA Trophy game.

Kyle Belmonte and an Evesham coach had their cars damaged whilst in the car park at Chesham United's ground (where the game was being played).

One of the physios from Aylesbury also had items stolen from their vehicle.

Aylesbury were approached for a comment and they said: "During the game last night three cars were broken into and had items stolen.

"The police have been informed, and the club is working with them to provide CCTV footage to support their inquiries."

Belmonte explained how he had £1500 worth of goods stolen from his car.

"I should be able to go to a football match which I’ve had to travel 228 miles after work with my stuff which was hid to be fine in my car while I play football," he said.