A "RAMBO" character slapped a man across the face several times in a pub because he had refused to play dominoes with him.

Ian Bucknell, nicknamed "Buck", admitted common assault after slapping John Leonard in the Pembroke House pub in Cross Street, Tenbury Wells.

Bucknell, 45, of Crescent Place, Tenbury, who appeared before magistrates in Worcester, was angry that Mr Leonard would not associate with him or play pub dominos anymore because of his behaviour.

Mr Leonard, who is in his 60s, had witnessed an argument last year when Bucknell had ripped his shirt off and walked around the Pembroke House car park "like a Rambo character".

After that, Mr Leonard wanted nothing more to do with Bucknell, who confronted him in the pub on Sunday, January 13.

Lesley Ashton, prosecuting, said Mr Leonard told Bucknell "he did not want to know" as he pushed in front of him and swore at him.

Bucknell, talking about the summer floods which hit the town last July, said to the victim: "The floods are nothing compared to what I will do to you."

Miss Ashton, reading Mr Leonard's witness statement, said: "He walked over to me and hurled abuse.

"He shouted at me I will have you!' He struck me four times across the right hand side of my head."

Mr Leonard complained of dizziness, ringing in his ears and a painful headache after the attack.

Miss Ashton said Bucknell had also been involved in a large-scale incident of disorder in September last year although no charges were brought.

A report from police, also read out to the court, said: "The general feeling in the town is that Mr Bucknell is a bit of an idiot."

Brian O'Connell, defending, said Bucknell had himself been the victim of violence, suffering a broken nose when some of Mr Leonard's friends attacked him.

The case was adjourned until April 30. Bucknell was granted bail on condition he co-operates with the probation service and does not enter the Pembroke House pub.