A WORCESTER binman who made a nuisance of himself in public has appeared in court.

Anthony Phillips, aged 27, admitted at Worcester Magistrates Court assaulting a police officer in September last year.

The court was told CCTV operators had spotted a drunk man causing a nuisance to passers-by.

Phillips, of Road, St John's was lying on the pavement in Infirmary Walk when an ambulance crew stopped to check his condition.

Sallie Hewitt, prosecuting, said they could tell he was completely inebriated from drink and all they could do was offer him a glass of water.

She said that when police officers arrived they could see that Phillips was in a mess. They tell him to move and sort himself out."

However, when they left he took off all his clothes and tried to put on his T-shirt as trousers.

Phillips was still being monitored by CCTV and officers returned. When they tried to restrain him, he became argumentative, an officer was hurt during the incident and CS spray was used. When he was later interviewed he was rated on a scale of 10 out of 10 for how drunk he was.

"He says his actions were unacceptable," said Mrs Hewitt, who said that when he had taken off his clothes he had exposed himself not for sexual gratification but because he felt uncomfortable.

In mitigation, Rob Macrory said: "It is a sorry state of affairs for him to get himself into. But he has got back on track. He has totally demeaned himself in pubic."

Deputy District Judge Jim Astle gave Phillips a 12-month community order, 12 months' supervision and 80 hours unpaid work. He was fined £210.

Mr Astle said: "If you fail to do that then you could be back in court. You are being given an opportunity, take it and co-operate with it."