A NOISY RAF plane could be heard flying over Worcester this afternoon (Tuesday).  

The Boeing CH-47 Chinook had flown from RAF Benson, in Wallingford, South Oxfordshire and headed north over the city.

It was seen flying over London Road at about 1.30pm. 

The flight path saw the plane start near Didcot where it circled before flying over The Cotswolds, near Tewkesbury and then over Pershore.

According to the app Flightrader, Chinook was flying at an altitude of 3,700ft and a ground speed of 140 knots. 

Chinooks are mainly used for trooping, resupply and battlefield casualty evacuation, it is also one of the heaviest Western helicopters.

Worcester News: SPOTTED: Chinook flies over Worcester.SPOTTED: Chinook flies over Worcester. (Image: SPOTTED: Chinook flies over Worcester.)

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Despite the added weight, Chinook is the fastest rotorcraft in the Army Fleet and can also transport 55 soldiers long distances at a speed close to 200 miles per hour. 

Chinooks are extremely distinctive with two propellers and can be used for moving up to 55 troops or 22,000lb of freight.

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Worcester News: Earlier this year the helicopter was spotted flying over Worcester city centreEarlier this year the helicopter was spotted flying over Worcester city centre (Image: Earlier this year, the helicopter was spotted flying over Worcester city centre)

Although the flight path and the final destination remain unknown, it certainly had people looking up to see where the noise was coming from after hearing its distinctive loud noise.

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The planes are often used in emergencies in the UK such as getting supplies to snowbound people or helping reconstruct flood defences damaged by winter storms, according to the Royal Air Force.

The Worcester News has contacted Benson RAF for more information.