A FORMAL complaint has been lodged with the BBC amid fears that jokes at Scotland’s expense during a broadcast of EastEnders “reduce our nation to a laughing stock”.

One Scottish viewer of the long-running soap raised an issue with the public broadcaster after the first of the two episodes shown on September 22.

The EastEnders episode in question saw the character Frankie Carter wave goodbye to London ahead of a move to Glasgow.

Through the episode, characters in the famous “Queen Vic” pub shared Scotland-themed jokes.

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In a complaint sent to the BBC and shared with The National, one viewer raised concerns that Scottish accents and culture were “deemed to be something to be mocked”.

It read: “In this episode, Frankie is moving to Scotland. I’m prepared to ignore previous references to it being so far away (it’s not the moon, just a few hours by train, but hey). So let me list the stereotypes in just 2-3 minutes of air time.

“Highland games, tossing cabers, fiddle music, ‘Jimmy’ hat/wig on the Queen Vic bust, whisky, David Tennant doing something utterly indistinguishable in Kim [Fox]’s appalling accent. In fact, I’m surprised you didn’t have them eating deep-fried Mars bars while Brigadoon emerged from the mist.”

Referencing the Scottish accents put on by some of the characters during the episode, the complaint went on: “It was an utter offence. I realise she [Fox] is a ‘comedy’ character but nevertheless it was dreadful and offensive.

“What made it cut deeper was the fact that the Scots accent was deemed to be something to be mocked, indeed the entire culture.

“I assume nobody Scottish was involved in this offensive stereotypical portrayal of a proud and great nation. No wonder people in Scotland get angry.”

The BBC declined to comment. However, its website states that it will “normally respond in two weeks” to written complaints.

You can see some clips of the Eastenders episode in question below: