A couple born and bred in Worcester celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary on Wednesday, September 28.

Lionel Buswell, born in 1931, and his wife Heather Buswell nee Drew, born in 1935, were married in 1957 at All Saints Church in Worcester's city centre. 

The couple have two children, Clive Buswell and Jenny and three grandchildren who are in their twenties. 

They went to the Wagon Wheel in Grimley for dinner together to celebrate their milestone.

Clive Buswell has shared details of his parents' lives together throughout the last 65 years. 

He said that Mrs Buswell lived around Lower Broadheath until her mother passed away unexpectedly when Heather was quite young.

She and her brother David Drew, were placed in the Orphanage on Henwick Road by their father for a number years.

They attended St Clements school and then Worcester Grammar school.

After moving to Leigh Sinton back with her father, Mrs Buswell worked at Midland bank in Broad Street before and after she was married until her son was born in 1962.

Heather was a dinner lady at Henwick Grove infants school for 30 years, she was a member of Hallow WI for 50 years and sang in the choir.

Heather also was a volunteer in the WRVS and worked with family's that needed support.

Mr Buswell lived on Bransford Road as a child.

He attended the open air school and Christopher Whitehead School. He worked at the power station for a while, interrupted by National Service, and then moved to work at Maggs clothes retailers in the Shambles.

In the early 1960s, Mr Buswell was appointed as manager of the Young Man shop, also in the Shambles.

In the early 1970s he opened Modern Man and this remained open until his retirement, along with a sister shop in Hereford.

Mr Buswell was a keen singer and sang with All Saints Church Choir as a boy treble and as an adult, later singing with St. John's and St Clements.

He also sang with the Worcester Festival Choral Society.