A WORCESTER woman whose memorial garden for her daughter was flooded with sewage has been “overwhelmed” by help from generous good Samaritans.

Lyndsey Bennett's garden, on Brickfields Road, was flooded with sewage on Monday, September 26, ruining her daughter's memorial garden and leaving a foul odour throughout the house.

The ordeal has been incredibly hard for Ms Bennett, who has suffered from nightmares and panic attacks following the flooding.

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She was contacted by John Hadley, of  Worcester firm JH Construction and Groundworks, who became aware of the situation through a Worcester News article.

Worcester News: Lyndsey BennettLyndsey Bennett (Image: Lyndsey Bennett)

Lyndsey said:"I just keep going out into the garden and looking at the amazing work they have done. 

"Since Emily died I have been feeling really lonely and this was such a difficult situation to navigate. This totally turned my frown upside down and I am incredibly grateful.

"The most incredible thing is that they would not take any money from me despite all the work they did. They are such kind people."

Lyndsey lost her daughter Emily, aged 25, earlier this year after she had a heart attack and pneumonia and had a memorial garden in place for her which the sewage destroyed.

Worcester News: John Hadley, Matt Lawrence, Toby Hughes and Josh Bray of JH Construction and Groundworks.John Hadley, Matt Lawrence, Toby Hughes and Josh Bray of JH Construction and Groundworks. (Image: Lyndsey Bennett)

John Hadley said:"We saw the article on the Worcester news Facebook page and I reached out to the Worcester News to ask if they could put me in touch with Lyndsey.

"She gave me a call and I was able to head out and see the extent of the damage. We bought new plants and managed to redo the memorial garden.

"My cousin who works with me and I have experienced just how traumatic the loss of a loved one can be so it really resonated with us.

"Times are tough at the moment and anyway we could help her we were more than happy to."

When the garden was flooded, sewage and toilet paper began to pool across the garden and continued to rise until Severn Trent Water were able to help.

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Jason Snow, Worcester and Gloucester catchment lead from Severn Trent, also helped Ms Bennett with replacing some of the items that were damaged during the incident earlier this month.