Whether you’re looking to move house or you’re just curious about property prices in your area, look no further.

Zoopla Research has saved you a job by listing the cheapest postcodes in Worcester.

The researchers have outlined the cheapest postcodes, breaking them down by the average asking price for each.

Take a look at Worcester’s cheapest postcodes, do you spot your neighbourhood?

Worcester News: Upper Wick Lane, WR2, Worcester (Google Maps)Upper Wick Lane, WR2, Worcester (Google Maps) (Image: Google Maps)

The postcode with the lowest average asking price is WR1 (£209,400) while the postcode with the highest is WR2 (£372,100).


Cheapest postcodes in Worcester

Here are the cheapest postcodes in Worcester, according to Zoopla Research.

The outcodes are listed with the average asking prices in the area.

WR1 - £209,400

WR4 - £248,400

WR5 - £313,900

WR3 - £344,300

WR2 - £372,100

You can view properties currently on the market via the Zoopla website.