AMONG the swans and the ducks is a bright yellow robot swimming about the River Severn in Worcester. 

Onlookers can spot the Jellyfishbot robot gliding across the river at Diglis Marina as it chugs along picking up any plastic bottles in its way. 

Beauty spots in Worcester, such as Diglis Marina, can often be blighted by rubbish and fly-tipping. 

But the robot is part of a campaign to promote awareness of the importance of clean waterways and position river pollution as a key issue for local authorities to tackle. 

It attracted the attention of passers-by on the riverbanks who stopped to watch it in action collecting up plastic bottles.

Worcester News: CLEAN-UP: Bright yellow robot cleans up the Diglis Marina CLEAN-UP: Bright yellow robot cleans up the Diglis Marina (Image: NQ)

Plastic bottles were intentionally placed in the water for the yellow robot to collect as part of an awareness campaign.

The campaign is being undertaken by P&D Marine Services, the Canal and Rivers Trust and Balls2 Marketing.

They have been working with schools to promote the importance of waterways and why there should be a focus on tackling pollution affecting rivers and canals.

The campaign reinforces the importance of caring for the planet to the younger generations and promotes awareness of the harm that pollution is causing to the oceans.


In partnership with the schools, children have been producing a poster about water pollution and why it is important to care for the county's waterways.

The posters were then placed inside plastic bottles and placed into a section of the water near Diglis Marina.

They then staged a small clean-up of the area to recollect the bottles released into the water.

The posted inside the first bottle collected was then chosen to represent the campaign.