THIS is the array of bins that will be coming to homes in Droitwich soon.

The bins include a grey one for household rubbish, a green one for recycling, a silver bin for food waste to be kept outside and a small food waste caddy for kitchens. People can also pay extra for a brown garden waste bin.

Phil Merrick, Wychavon District Council's head of community services, unveiled the bins after councillors agreed to a two-phase roll-out of the new system starting in September.

Under the system, Wychavon people will put out household rubbish one week and recycling the next.

They will also be able to put out their silver food waste bin both weeks - although it will be composted one week and sent to landfill the next because of financial constraints.

The system will give people in the Wychavon District Council area the option to put out more waste than those living in Worcester, as the city does not have a separate food waste collection.

From this week onwards, people who are due to receive the bins during the first phase will be invited to join council officers at a series of roadshows that are taking place throughout the district.

Council workers will also visit some homes to introduce people to the new bins and talk about any concerns.

Mr Merrick said: "We will be working with people to provide education and support rather than forcing them to change their habits."

He emphasised that it would not be a one-size- fits-all service, saying: "Where there are genuine storage pressures and access issues they will be exempt and they will continue with the service they have at the moment."

Officers will shortly begin inspections of potentially exempt areas.