A KIDDERMINSTER school has installed high-tech sensors to stop students from sneaking into toilets to vape.

Baxter College on Habberley Road has started to use HALO Smart Sensors to help staff clamp down on the use of e-cigarettes.

Principal Matthew Carpenter said: “The trend amongst young people who want to smoke is towards vaping, but as with smoking cigarettes, vaping contravenes school rules and we have a zero policy on both.

“The way vapes work in comparison to cigarettes allows them to be used quickly and the low-cost disposable ones are easily hidden or thrown away, so more difficult for staff to detect.”

Since the sensors were installed last month, several students have been detected vaping and dealt with in line with the school’s behaviour policy.

Mr Carpenter added: “The sensors, supplied by Bromsgrove-based Ecl-ips, are certainly doing their job and now that word has got round, their deterrent value has come into play.”