A 'BANKSY' style graffiti artist from the Midlands has created a Worcester News-themed art piece in the city.

The street artist 'Disney' has created a new piece featuring a Worcester News paper on City Walls Road, near Vivid Ink.

The paper has a front page of "Brum 'Banksy' Fools The Experts" and a back page which reads "Come On You Warriors".

The artist recently made headlines when his artwork appeared on the side of the old town hall in Droitwich

A video shared on the artist's Instagram, which has 23,000 followers, showed Disney using a stencil to create the piece.

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The black-and-red artwork has been turning heads in the town and shows a child watching a television screen that says “Don’t Think”.

Banksy is an anonymous artist whose work pops up around the world - with many pieces in Bristol.

Copycat pieces often pop up around the country in Banksy's signature style and Disney’s artwork has frequently been compared to the legendary street artist.

In November last year, he painted a mural outside Kidderminster Railway Station.

The work depicted a homeless soldier with a sign asking for help.

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Disney posted an image of the mural with an article about soldiers being left homeless and suffering from PTSD after military service.

Then in December, a piece appeared on the side of Fightden Boxing Gym just down the road from Crane nightclub where footballer Cody Fisher was stabbed on Boxing Day.

The graffiti displays an emotive image of two boys boxing with the words ‘Knives down, Gloves up’.