A BLUE plaque calling out Worcester MP Robin Walker for "voting to block a law requiring water companies to dump less raw sewage" has emerged in Worcester.

This picture, taken on Worcester Bridge, shows a blue plaque which was placed following a recent vote on the Draft Environmental Targets Regulations, which was passed with 300 ayes to 170 noes on January 25.

Mr Walker denies the accusation.

MPS signed off regulations required to enact the Environment Act’s targets on biodiversity, trees, water, marine protected areas, air quality, and resource management, despite concerns that the measures were 'weak, late and unambitious'.

Extinction Rebellion's Worcester branch claimed responsibility for the plaques in social media posts which showed a demonstration that was held yesterday in Worcester.

The Instagram post shows several XR Worcester members in masks, with somebody dressed also dressed as Robin Walker.

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A spokesperson for the group said: "We unveiled a blue plaque beside our beloved River Severn to shine a light on our local MP, who on October 20, 2021, failed to vote in favour of amendment 45 to the Environment Act 2021.

"The amendment would have required water companies to 'demonstrate improvements in the sewage systems and progressive reductions in the harm caused by untreated sewage discharges.

Our message was clear. We told the government and water companies to clean up their act and stop the dumping of raw sewage in our rivers, water courses and seas. We are doing this for our children, for the planet, and to prevent further biodiversity loss.

"Water is not a commodity to be exploited. We are watching you. Wave one has begun.

On the XR West Midlands Instagram account, another plaque near Diglis Bridge can also be seen, and a plaque in Pershore.

Another image of a plaque was also shared in Evesham, which addressed Nigel Huddleston MP who voted for the same outcome.

In Upton-upon-Severn, another demonstration was held with people in masks and somebody dressed as Harriett Baldwin, MP for West-Worcestershire.


The Liberal Democrats' Twitter account published a list of MPs who they claim voted in favour of 15 more years of sewage dumping in rivers and coasts.

Earlier this week, Mr Walker called the Liberal Democrat list "outrageous" and accused the political party of "gaslighting", meaning to manipulate.

Harriett Baldwin MP and Nigel Huddleston MP also both issued responses to the Liberal Democrat list.