The Prince of Wales will honour a debt with the Clothiers Company of Worcester incurred by King Charles II in 1651 during a visit to the City tomorrow.

Prior to the Battle of Worcester in 1651, King Charles II commissioned the Clothiers Company to make uniforms for his troops.

The King promised to pay after winning the battle. However, Cromwell won and King Charles II fled to Europe, leaving a debt of £453.3s which he did not settle after he acceded to the throne.

The Prince of Wales, accompanied by The Duchess of Cornwall, will personally repay the sum of £453.15 as a gesture of goodwill during a visit to The Commandery, which served as the Headquarters for the Royalists during the battle.

The money will be presented in a purse made by the Royal Shakespeare Company in the style of a 1650 gaming purse'.

The Master of the Clothiers Company of Worcester, Andrew Grant said: "We are very grateful to The Prince of Wales for repaying the debt to the Worcester Clothiers Company during His Royal Highness's visit to The Commandery.

"We very much look forward to welcoming The Prince and The Duchess to this historic building which is steeped in history and which will make this a most happy, memorable and unique event."

As part of a day of engagements in Worcestershire, The Prince and The Duchess will also open the new Upton Surgery, where Their Royal Highnesses will meet local residents who were affected by last Summer's floods. Following the visit to The Commandery, The Prince and The Duchess will travel along The Severn Valley Railway to celebrate the reopening of the line which was also damaged by the flooding.