Beer, banter - and some of the biggest pop hits of the last 25 years - made for a buzzing atmosphere at Blobbie Williams’ seventh Worcester show.

It’s easy to feel prepared to pick apart a parody to popstar Robbie Williams - particularly as his antics often see him splashed across the tabloids.

However, Blobbie (aka Worcester comedian Tony James) has taken the right route to bring the Robbie essence to life.

Bursting onto the stage with Let Me Entertain You, it was clear from the get-go that anything could happen at Huntingdon Hall on Saturday night (January 28).


Drinks were flowing, a few “sweary words” left his lips and then off we went on a rollercoaster of laughs and memories of living it large in the 90s for two hours.

Blobbie was quick to fire up the crowd encouraging them to wave their hands (and the odd walking stick) in the air before parading around the stalls and balcony for selfies and fist bumps.

Williams’ lyrics are risqué at the best of times – so that paired with Blobbie’s sing-a-along made for an entertaining watch.

It all adds to the laughs when you hear yourself singing back to hits such as Come Undone, Strong and Millennium – with lyrics such as ‘my breath smells of a thousand fags so when I’m drunk I dance like me dad’ to ‘live for liposuction and detox for your rent’ (!)

Any digs at the audience by Blobbie were taken in good spirits as he continued to bring his Robbie charm to the life by showing his appreciation towards fans.

“I’m very proud to come from this place called Worcester,” he said.

“And to have such amazing support – including from everyone who works and volunteers here [Huntingdon Hall].”

Good sports from the audience were pulled up on the stage to get involved with a ‘Take Fat’ reunion while revellers danced in the aisles. (Note: There was some awesome dad dancing!)

Other highlights included a rock-version of Take That’s Back for Good to end the night with, a nod to the Robbie’s swing era with Mr Bojangles, the rap-version of 2000 duet with Kylie Minogue in Kids and *that* Tom Jones collab from the Brit Awards 1998.

There was even a crowd shoutout of "Blobbie, will you perform at my wedding?!" (….He said yes!)

Blobbie said he’d recently had a chat with the man himself and found that among talking about their “grey hair and bad backs” he may have even influenced his Hyde Park setlist after suggesting he adds Blobbie fan-favourite Hot Fudge to the list.

And maybe that’s what Blobbie does best…he influences people to loosen up, have a laugh at themselves and dance the night away to some underrated pop tunes while bringing Robbie’s (and his own) love of life to the stage.