WORCESTERSHIRE County Council has again rejected plans to stop cars using roads near schools despite more authorities adopting the idea. 

Oldham Council in Greater Manchester is the latest to trial the scheme which sees roads closed to all traffic outside primary schools during pick-up and drop-off times as part of the School Streets initiative.

The project aims to make it safer for pupils by school gates while also improving air quality.

After rejecting it in the past, campaigners have urged the authority to look again at the plan. 

Danny Brothwell, chair of cycling campaign group Bike Worcester, said: "School Streets are a fantastic way to enable and encourage people to chose active travel on the school run.

Worcester News: SCHEME: A school street scheme in BrightonSCHEME: A school street scheme in Brighton (Image: From public)

"They reduce the risk to children from the dangers posed by motor vehicles, as well as reducing their exposure to pollution.

"As roads are only temporarily closed to cars, and this is at regular and predictable times, the impact on congestion is minimal, not to mention the removal of many cars currently being used on the school run.

"The benefits to the health of children and parents should also be acknowledged."


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Councillor Mike Rouse, Worcestershire County Council cabinet member for highways and transport, said: "The safety of children on their journey to school is of paramount importance to Worcestershire County Council. Whilst a few authorities do close off roads for School Streets, they are predominantly within larger metropolitan authorities. 

“Parking restrictions with school Keep Clear signs are commonly used outside schools. We are conducting a trial with new technology for automated enforcement of these in Worcester, and we look forward to analysing the impact of this in due course.”

Worcester News: ISSUES: Thornloe Road, BarbourneISSUES: Thornloe Road, Barbourne (Image: From public)


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Under the scheme, emergency vehicles, blue badge holders, and residents are still able to access the roads leading to the school gates at all times, but other motor vehicles, including those driven by parents to drop off or pick-up children at the school gates, have restricted access.

All this is managed by appointed marshals at the roadblock.

Previously the Worcester News has reported on issues outside the gates of Perry Wood Primary and Nursery school and St George’s Catholic School and Riversides School, both in Thornloe Road, Barbourne.