MEMBERS OF Stourbridge RFC are open to a Sixways move, says the club's president.

Richard Baron said there had been a positive reaction after a meeting to discuss bringing Stourbridge to Sixways under the new brand of Sixways Rugby. 

Last week, the new Sixways owers - Atlas Worcester Warriors RFC Ltd - revealed their plans for a major shake-up - with plans to ditch the Worcester Warriors brand.

Mr Baron said he chaired a meeting last Friday for club members. 
He said: "We have heard from many sections of the club, it was a positive experience but there is a great deal of questioning still behind it all.

"I don't think 'let's go ahead and do this' without due diligence and other factors to consider.

"But overall, my view is that despite some trepidation, I think that the majority of the section would like to explore the possibility."

However, he suggested Stourbridge fans are concerned that their identity at the club is kepy at Stourton Park. 

"We haven't had any conversation on that, that's for further negotiations to come for us to come to an agreement on.

"In our conversations at Stourbridge, we thought it essential to retain our identity at Stourton Park and that is of the upmost importance to us and our club." 

The club will have to vote through any move to Sixways, but the date for that is not yet confirmed. The RFU also have to ratify any name change or relocation of a club. 
Atlas will discuss the plans with supporters of Worcester Warriors at an open event on Saturday. 
And Baron said he sympathised with Worcester fans: "I have a lot of empathy for them, I have been a Stourbridge supporter for 20 years so I know what it's like.
"To have a situation where they perceive they will lose their identity, it would be hard for them and I understand.
"But where Stourbridge is currently, with the difficulty to engage players, I think it's something people here would look at to safeguard the future of the club."