A HUNGRY woman nearly ate a crisp which could be worth £100,000 as she tucked into a bag of Walkers while watching television.

Kayleigh Hemming from Ronkswood is now anxiously awaiting to find out whether she has won £100,000 after finding a heart-shaped crisp in a packet of smokey bacon crisps. 

Crisp manufacturer Walkers is giving away £100,000 to whoever finds the best heart-shaped specimen in its standard bags.

The competition started in January and is running for two months.

The crisp manufacturer says heart-shaped crisps can be found in its packs because of the natural shapes of the British potatoes it uses.

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She found the crisp while digging into some snacks while watching television on Friday night (February 24).

She had bought a multipack from Tesco in Warndon Villages and was tucking in when she spotted it.

"I could have eaten it as when I was going through the packet, I was not really looking at it.

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"I just held it up and was like 'oh my days', and I rang my sister straight away to see if she thought it was a heart shape."

The competition has gone viral on social media, with videos of people eating the crisps gaining many views.

But Ms Hemming's crisp has been locked and stored in a lunch box for safe keeping out of fear of her breaking it. 

Ms Hemming added: "It would be life-changing.

"If I won the money, it would be really nice.

"I would help my family, and it would be nice to give back and help them. 

"Everyone out there with heart-shaped crips probably feels the same."

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When asked if she thinks she will win the £100,000, she said: "I have seen quite a few of the crisps and they are good so I do not want to get my hopes up. 

"On the side, there is a bit which comes out more, so it is not symmetrical, but others are different shapes, so it is hard to say." 

Ms Hemming added smokey bacon would definitely be her new favourite flavour of crisps if she won.