Foster families and people living near the racecourse will be offered free tickets for Worcester’s first hot air balloon festival.

Worcester Balloon Festival is being held on Friday, May 12 and Saturday, May 13 at Pitchcroft.

Balloon ascents and spectacular ‘night glows’ will take place on both evenings, weather permitting, followed by fireworks displays at 9.30pm.

The Saturday will also see a full schedule of arena entertainment including an American civil war reenactment, motorbike stunts and live music.

Worcester News: More than 50 balloons will take the to skies over Worcester - weather permittingMore than 50 balloons will take the to skies over Worcester - weather permitting (Image: Getty/lmudlo)

Early bird tickets are available now online - but some people will not have to pay a penny to get in.

Organiser David Bailey is also keen to give residents plenty of warning about the fireworks displays, which will each last 12 minutes.

“We will maildrop all of the homes around the racecourse telling them everything that’s happening and when, so they can have plenty of time to make arrangements,” he said.

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“We are also going to offer them free entry to the event as a courtesy. We are trying our best to avoid any discomfort.

“We want to work with the community and are giving free space to traders and charities at the event, we’re only charging them what it costs for us to put up the marquee.

“We’re also offering free tickets to foster families through the fostering association.”

He said these were being distributed via the county council and that people should not contact the festival to claim these. Tickets for people living directly adjacent to the racecourse will be sent out by organisers.

Mr Bailey said tickets have sold well so far and urged people to book in advance if they were planning on attending.

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“It has been very, very well received by the public,” he said.

“There will be 52 balloons taking flight and five or six with different shapes that will be tethered throughout the day and may join in the glow.

“It’s a full-on day out and where else can you take the whole family for £20? You can’t go to the cinema for that.

“Early bird tickets are still available on Skiddle and you’ll save yourself a few quid by doing that. On event days it’s pay on the gate only.

“People booking in advance means we can avoid having long queues as well and I think we’re going to double what we’ve sold so far. It’s going to be a massive event.”