A bookshop in Malvern will be hosting a reading from a care leaver who will share insights from his early years of a runaway child living on the streets.

Ben Westwood will be reading from his book ‘Poems from a Runaway’ at Malvern Cooperative bookshop tomorrow (Saturday, March 25).

Ben has been writing for a number of years and has released several books about his life, drawing on situations he has found himself in as a care leaver.

The book includes poetry and short stories from when he was a runaway child living on the streets of London’s Whitechapel and Piccadilly amongst the homeless.

He takes a light-hearted approach to his stories and will be reading segments of the book, whilst answering questions and signing copies for guests.

Ben wants his book to provide more of a positive outlook on his difficult childhood years and said: “If you’re expecting tales of woe and pity, you’re in for a surprise! I really just want to shed light on the resilience of care leavers and how human-connection has helped me to get to where I am today.”

Ben is supported in the book signing by the Rees Foundation, a care leavers charity based in Droitwich Spa. The foundation has arranged the event and is on a mission to support care leavers of all ages.

Melody Douglas, chief executive officer at the Rees Foundation, said: “We’re delighted that Ben has the opportunity to read extracts from his book, he is such a talented writer.

“The Rees Foundation aims to support care experienced people of all ages. Care shouldn’t stop at 25 and we offer a range of projects that help people at various stages of their lives.

"Ben is a shining example of someone who has been overlooked in life but is still fighting.”

Ben will be reading and signing ‘Poems from a Runaway’ between 10am and 12pm at Malvern Cooperative bookshop, Great Malvern, tomorrow (Saturday, March 25).

To find out more about the Rees Foundation and the work they do, visit www.reesfoundation.org