A SOLID milk chocolate chick hatching from a giant egg has been carved by master chocolatiers at a popular West Midlands attraction.

To celebrate Easter weekend, the master chocolatiers at Cadbury World hand-crafted the sculpture which is set to be displayed in the 'Chocolate Making Zone'.

The 70cm-tall creation took a three-strong team of chocolatiers four days to create.

Dawn Jenks, Donna Oluban and Phoebe Snow created individual white chocolate feathers before securing them to the chick with melted chocolate.

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The trio then added a dusting of edible food colouring to give the chick a vibrant yellow appearance.

Gerrard Baldwin, general manager at Cadbury World, said: “We are once again blown away by this masterpiece crafted by our talented chocolatiers.

“Easter truly is the most chocolatey time of the year, so what better way to celebrate than to create our very own themed sculpture.”