An award-winning Worcester chippy has been serving up a unique version of a classic Easter treat.

And we just couldn’t help but head down to Hooked, in St John’s, to try the battered Creme Eggs for ourselves.

Hooked owners Louka and Lia Nicodemou love serving up unusual seasonal delights alongside more traditional fish and chip shop favourites.

“The Creme Eggs are just for Easter but we’ve always got something on,” said Louka.

Worcester News: The battered Creme Egg and its gooey centreThe battered Creme Egg and its gooey centre (Image: NQ)

“At Christmas we do battered mince pies, brie bites and pigs in blankets, we do Halloween boxes too. These items are not particularly profitable but we do it for the customers - they love it.

“We want to build a relationship with the community and this works - people are always asking when the Creme Eggs are coming.”

Louka says deep frying the Creme Eggs is one of the most difficult jobs in the shop, but after some experimenting he has become something of an expert.

“You have to freeze the Creme Eggs before frying them, otherwise the chocolate just disappears into the oil,” he said.

After its first dip in the oil, Louka then adds extra batter to parts of the egg “to stop the chocolate from trying to escape”.

When it’s finished, you end up with a crispy batter exterior and a gooey, chocolatey mess inside. They cool quickly, so after a quick photoshoot for the battered egg, Louka tells me to eat mine while it’s still warm.

I’ll admit this isn’t my first-ever experience of deep-fried chocolate, but the Creme Egg’s fondant centre certainly makes it a different one.

Worcester News: Lia and Louka have been running Hooked in Broadway Grove for three yearsLia and Louka have been running Hooked in Broadway Grove for three years (Image: NQ)

I found that with the melted chocolate and the crispiness of the batter, it actually went down easier than a regular Creme Egg - but while it was delicious, one was enough for me.

As I followed up my Creme Egg with a drink of water, Hooked - named Worcester’s best chip shop in 2021 and among the city’s top five only this week - opened to a queue of hungry customers.

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Spotting me behind the counter, one man showed just how loyal some of Hooked’s customers are.

“We come here all the way from Hereford,” he said. “They are fantastic.”