AN 85-YEAR-OLD driver caught over the speed limit on the motorway told magistrates "thanks for wasting my time". 

Philip Smith, of Callows Orchard, Rushwick, near Worcester, said he had already been fined for the offence and said his court case was "bureaucracy gone mad". 

At the start of his hearing at Worcester Magistrates Court on Friday (April 14) the court clerk said Smith had signed a statutory declaration. 

When the case was reopened, Smith admitted a charge of exceeding a temporary 50mph speed restriction on a motorway before saying: "But I do want to give my explanation." 

The court clerk explained to magistrates the police evidence showed on May 21 last year Smith had driven a Honda V29 MCS on the M5 between Junction 6 and Junction 7 at 61 mph, when the speed limit in force at the time was 50mph. 

Worcester News: SPEEDER: Philip Smith leaving Worcester Magistrates CourtSPEEDER: Philip Smith leaving Worcester Magistrates Court (Image: Sam Greenway/Newsquest)

The court clerk added Smith had a clean driving licence.

Smith, representing himself, said: "I was in the centre lanes as the others were not in use. 

"No roadworks were in progress, no workers were about. 

"There was no traffic on my left or right. 

"As soon as I got to the end I speeded up a bit. I admit I was speeding.

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"It is a motorway, the limit is usually 70mph."

Smith said he had paid the original fine but was told it was too late, adding he had then got a "stupid notification" telling him to attend court. 

Smith added the reason he had not paid earlier was because "I'm a very busy man."

Worcester News: CAUGHT: Smith was caught speeding in a Honda on the M5CAUGHT: Smith was caught speeding in a Honda on the M5 (Image: Newsquest)

As Jacqueline De Sousa, chairman of the magistrates bench, was sentencing Smith he interrupted repeating he had paid an original fine late. 

The chairman then told Smith to "not disrupt the court any further".

The chairman said Smith he would be given three points added to his licence, fined £66 and ordered to pay £34 victim surcharge. 

Smith was given 28 days to pay the £100 total in full. 

Smith said he was happy to pay the money on the spot, but it was explained he would receive a letter from the courts providing details on how he could pay. 

As Smith was leaving he told magistrates: "Thank you for wasting my time. 

"Thank you and good day."