HOMELESS injured kittens on the brink of death had their lives saved thanks to the Evesham community.

Tish and Snuffles were handed into Cats Protection with the likelihood of not surviving the night after suffering from cat flu.

The siblings were extremely underweight, struggling to breathe, and Snuffles had a ruptured eyeball.

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Adoption Centre Manager, Charlie Hood, explains: “We were at capacity on the night Tish and Snuffles arrived, but of course, we couldn’t turn them away.

"Both needed round-the-clock care because of their age, and with their low weights and extreme levels of cat flu, it is unlikely they would have survived another night alone.

“Tish was just 0.28kg - weighing less than a cup of salt - and she was in marginally better shape than her brother.

"She weighed what we would expect of a kitten half her age."

Cats Protection rushed the two straight to the hospital after they were found in Honeybourne, and they underwent urgent care.

The young cats’ plight captured the hearts of the centre’s supporters.

The community rallied to raise £680 to cover the two's care and surgery.

Ms Hood added: "Luckily, Snuffles and Tish are little fighters.

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"Once they were old enough, they moved into the care of one of our wonderful volunteer fosterers and are finally on the road to recovery.

"Both needed to be neutered, and Snuffles’ eye infection was so severe that his right eye had to be removed once he was strong enough to undergo the operation.

"He’s doing brilliantly, and we are so grateful for the kindness of our remarkable supporters who came together to cover almost the entire cost of their surgeries.”

Anyone wishing to give Tish and Snuffles a home should keep an eye on the centre’s website, where their details will be posted once they are ready to join a new forever family.

To help contribute to the cost of the kitten's car, click here.