A BUSY retail park in Worcester is a "nightmare" to enter and exit according to a city driving instructor.

Blackpole Retail Park is one of the busiest retail parks in Worcester, with businesses such as Mcdonald's, Marks and Spencer, Pets at Home, Costa, Greggs, Halfords and Currys PC World.

But Gary Gough, a driving instructor with No Gears No Fears, has suggested the layout of the entrance and exit may need reassessing.

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He said: "It is a nightmare. Nobody really seems to know what to do when entering or exiting.

"People usually approach it far too quickly and nobody seems to give way either.

"The paint is rather confusing so it seems as if it needs addressing, either repainting or a roundabout would be much safer."

Worcester News: Gary Gough, of No Gears No Fears.Gary Gough, of No Gears No Fears. (Image: Gary Gough)

However, Blackpole Retail Park is owned by Legal and General Investment Management, which is planning to improve the experience for visitors next month.

Currently, those entering and exiting the retail park are advised to 'slow' their vehicles in case there is already a vehicle exiting in front of them.

Drivers exiting from both left and right within the retail park are also advised to 'stop' by large lettering on the road.

There are also pedestrian crossings across all directions and a yellow box to prevent people from waiting in all directions.

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Worcester News: Cllr Jill Desayrah.Cllr Jill Desayrah. (Image: James Connell/Newsquest)

Cllr Jill Desayrah, Worcester City councillor for Warndon, said: "I seem to have the same problem every time I visit the retail park.

"There is signage in place but it often appears as of all directions have equal priority which can lead to a lot of confusion amongst drivers.

"I have never witnessed any arguing among drivers in the area and most seem quite happy to wait.

"I do think a mini roundabout would be a good idea for the area."


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A spokesperson from Legal and General Investment Management said: "We will be replacing all current road markings with a straight-through road from the main entrance, re-marking the crossings and adding speed bumps to slow traffic down on approach from all four directions.

"Work will take place throughout May. We hope the changes will resolve the current confusion and we will keep this under review."

No Gears No Fears is an automatic driving school based in Worcester, which specialises in helping drivers with disabilities and learning difficulties pass their tests.