IT may be a slight case of deja vu for neighbours on one city road who attended a street party for the Queen's coronation nearly 70 years ago.

Patriotic residents from Pinkett Street are best known for their love of a royal knees-up over the years. 

Since the Queen's Coronation in 1953, neighbours have organised 11 royal street parties.

Sandra Smith was among those at Pinkett Street in Northwick who celebrated the Queen's historic coronation.

And now at 75, she is helping her neighbours to organise the 12th street party for the coronation of King Charles III.

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Mrs Smith has many happy memories of celebrating with her neighbours in 1953.

She said: "I was five at the time, I remember going up the street with my mother to pick up some cherry blancmange and she had a pram with her.

Worcester News: Pinkett Street in 1953 including Linda Dinsdale, on the left in the second rowPinkett Street in 1953 including Linda Dinsdale, on the left in the second row (Image: Reader submission)

"We didn't have a television at home in those days and I don't think any of the children watched the coronation.

"I think the grown-ups did, but I'm not sure where because local pubs didn't have televisions either in those days."

Mrs Smith also said she remembers her neighbours gathering in her home on the Queen's big day.

"I do remember we were all sat in our home and we had two chairs and two planks of wood were put over the chair so four people could sit down instead of just two," she added.

Over the years, the street has been decorated with bunting, balloons and tables filled with cake to celebrate the monarchy in order to get the community together. 

"I do support the monarchy and I am keen on the monarchy.

"My favourite member of the Royal Family is Princess Anne.

"She has always been in the background and supported King Charles and she has done so much behind the scenes."

However, Mrs Smith said things have changed over the years and she has noticed a lot less enthusiasm towards the monarchy. 

"I'm excited, we are all trying to get it to come together but there is little enthusiasm as street parties. 

"I don't know if the younger ones are overly interested, things have changed a lot now."