PEOPLE from Worcestershire travelled to London to join the four-day climate emergency protests.

Over 150 people from Worcestershire joined tens of thousands of protestors for The Big One climate emergency protests in London, organised by Extinction Rebellion (XR).

Supporters from XR and 200 other organisations gathered around Parliament over four days.

About 90,000 people took part in the march for biodiversity on Earth Day, ending in a 'die in'.

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Jenny Hook, 30, a hospital caterer from Worcester said: “Many Worcester residents were involved in a ‘skull’ action outside the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

"Dressed in black, with their faces painted as skulls, they held placards showing DEATHRA, in a protest with hundreds of groups from across the country, highlighting the failure by the Government to take urgent action to address the Climate Emergency.”

Worcester News: Protestors holding DEATHRA letting during the protests.Protestors holding DEATHRA letting during the protests. (Image: XR Worcester)

Rob and Kate Collier, from Worcester, went down to London on the organised coaches, with their two young sons.

They said “The atmosphere was incredibly moving, with people of all ages, musicians, the Climate Choir and high-profile speakers, including thousands of doctors and scientists taking part.

"We are frightened that children’s lives will be massively impacted by climate change.

"Today’s politicians are the last with a chance to lead us to net zero in time.

"Why aren’t they listening to scientific evidence and acting urgently to get rid of fossil fuel use?”

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Just Stop Oil members also joined the march after causing various traffic jams in London on Monday near Piccadilly Circus.

XR said the end of the demonstration acted as a deadline for the Government to respond to a collective request by climate campaign groups to enter negotiations on demands – to halt all new coal, oil and gas exploration and set up emergency citizens assemblies – or “face the consequences”.

Clare Farrell, co-founder of XR, said: “The Government had a week to respond to our demands and they have failed to do so.

“Next we will reach out to supporter organisations to start creating a plan for stepping up our campaigns across an ecosystem of tactics that includes everyone from first-time protesters to those willing to go to prison.”

XR has local groups across Worcestershire, with members including engineers, teachers, health and environment professionals, charity workers, students, school children, local businesses and retired people.