A GRAND coronation display near the Cathedral has been installed at a historic antique shop.

Staff at Bygones of Worcester, on Deansway, have been hard at work setting up the Coronation display which includes a banner dating back to the coronation of a previous King.

The red banner is emblazoned with the words 'God Save the King' and may have been made for either the coronation of Edward VII or George V.

The family business has been established in Worcester for 100 years and regularly creates grand displays when there are big events taking place, such as the Queen's jubilee.

This display features some historic items and a collection of Paddington Bears, which became closely associated with her late Majesty the Queen following a beloved sketch that was filmed during the Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

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Gabrielle Bullock, the proprietor of Bygones of Worcester, said she feels like the business is synonymous with Worcester.

She said: "We feel so tied in with the city. I was born and bred here, we have had shops in the High Street, in Sidbury and now here. It is like the Picadilly Circus in Worcester.

"We opened this shop when the Queen came to distribute the Maundy Money back in 1980.

"It is a brilliant spot, we have so many people stopping for photographs, especially kids who love to take a look at the Paddington Bears."

The centrepiece of the display is a banner displaying the phrase 'God Save The King, which dates back to another coronation.

Gabrielle Bullock said: "Our centrepiece is this amazing banner which I bought some years ago.

"It either dates back to the coronation of Edward VII in 1901 or in 1911 from the Coronation of George V. The lettering has that art nouveau style which looks wonderful.

"There is also an original brochure from Queen Elizabeth II's coronation, and of course, we have our Paddington's.

"I am an antique dealer by trade but a few years ago I had the opportunity to purchase one and now we have quite a lot here at Bygones.

"When her late Majesty had Paddington to tea for the Platinum Jubilee it all tied together perfectly."

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When my father had our original shop in the High Street, he had a display for Her Majesty's Coronation which featured a framed picture. 

"The same frame is now being used as part of our display with a picture of The King."