LABOUR has become the biggest party on the city council after a disastrous night for the Tories which saw them lose seven seats.

Huge wins for the Greens across Worcester, including defeating Tory and city council leader Chris Mitchell, saw the party pick up four seats on its way to becoming the council's second-biggest party.

The biggest winners on the night saw the Greens take seats from Labour in the Arboretum ward and from the Conservatives in St Clement, where Tor Pingree defeated Chris Mitchell, St Peter's, and Warndon Parish South.

Green leader Marjory Bisset was also re-elected in St Stephen by a significant 749 votes.

Hannah Cooper's win in the Arboretum came at the expense of Labour's Jenny Barnes with the Green candidate picking up a huge 629-vote majority.

In the win of the night, Tor Pingree beat Tory leader Chris Mitchell by 115 votes to secure a historic win for the Greens on what was an embarrassing and catastrophic night for the Conservatives which saw the party slip down to third in the rankings - falling from 15 councillors to just eight.

In another big win, Andrew Cross, who had pushed Tory councillor Lucy Hodgson very close four years ago, came out on top this time around - winning with ease and picking up a 792-vote majority for the Greens. Elena Round won in St Peter's, making the previous Tory stronghold an all-Green affair.

While losing out in the Arboretum, Labour won in Bedwardine for the first time ever, with Sue Smith defeating Conservative candidate Adele Rimell and the party also picked up a win in the Cathedral ward at the expense of the Conservatives with Atif Sadiq beating Haris Saleem by 432 votes.

Labour's Richard Udall was re-elected in St John's again with a huge 870-vote majority.

Allah Ditta's move away from the Cathedral ward to Nunnery was unsuccessful with the former mayor losing out to Labour's Simon Cronin. Labour gained one seat to take its total to 13 and became the biggest party on the council.

The Lib Dems gained two seats, with Jessie Jagger beating Tory Angela Stanley by a whopping 1,158 votes in Claines and Sarah Murray finally won in Warndon Parish North, bringing the party's total councillors to four.

It was also a significant night for female representation on the council, with six women joining the ranks at the Guildhall.

Each councillor has been elected for a one-year term with changes to how elections are run in Worcester meaning that all 35 councillors will be elected in one go next year serving four-year terms.