RESIDENTS braved the pouring rain to witness the Coronation of King Charles III in Worcester city centre.

Cathedral Square, at the top of Worcester's High Street, had a large screen erected for the public to watch the coronation.

Many people were deterred from visiting the city centre due to the weather, but some hardy people were still happy to be outside with umbrellas and raincoats at the ready.

Worcester News: People watching on from Cathedral Square.People watching on from Cathedral Square. (Image: Newsquest)

Sue Clarke said: “We would normally be doing family things but the weather isn’t the best at the moment.

“I wanted to come and see the Coronation here instead and although the weather isn’t the best, it’s good to see some people have still been able to come out.”

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Worcester News: Martina and Florian came to visit Worcester from Germany.Martina and Florian came to visit Worcester from Germany. (Image: Newsquest)

Martina and Florian, a couple visiting Worcester from Germany, were excited to be able to watch the celebrations in the city centre.

Florian said: “We are visiting Worcester and heard that we could come to watch the King's Coronation at Cathedral Square, so we thought it would be a great place to watch it.”

Clare Turner and Val Lawrence recently moved to Worcester from South Africa and were not deterred by the rain.

Clare Turner said: “I am new to Worcester after moving from Johannesburg. 

“We wanted to come out today to see this event in the city centre and it’s been really great so far.”

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As well as Cathedral Square, the Coronation was also being shown at The Guildhall, giving people the opportunity to escape the rain.

Seats and tables were put out for those in attendance, who were also visiting from a variety of locations.

Worcester News: Lynn and Ron Hamilton-Cox were wearing matching vests at The Guildhall.Lynn and Ron Hamilton-Cox were wearing matching vests at The Guildhall. (Image: Fernhill House Care Home)

Lynn and Ron Hamilton-Cox came to The Guildhall to watch the Coronation from Kidderminster.

The couple were wearing matching, Union Jack-themed waistcoats which were made by Mrs Hamilton-Cox herself.

She said: "There was not too much happening in Kidderminster today so it’s lovely to be able to come down here today and watch this.

“I made my vest back in 2012 and I made Ron’s last year for the Jubilee.”

Edith and Eystein have come all the way from London for a wedding and stopped off at The Guildhall to watch today's event.

Edith said: “We have come such a long way and we didn’t want to miss this huge event.

“The weather isn’t the best today so we are grateful to be able to watch inside.”