Myleene Klass has appeared on This Morning after being crowned the first ever I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here 'legend'.

Klass was named the first legend ahead of Phil Tufnell, Jordan Banjo, and Fatima Whitbread in the final of I'm a Celebrity...South Africa on Friday, May 12.

Speaking about her time on the show with This Morning co-hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield she went into detail about her final trial, how much she missed her family and how she keeps in touch with her fellow campmates now she's out of the jungle.

Myleene Klass speaks about her time on I'm a Celeb...South Africa on This Morning

Willoughby started by saying "you were incredible, well done" before her, Schofield and Klass enjoyed a celebratory shot of water.

Willoughby and Schofield asked how different it was this time round, watching it in person with the show not being broadcast live. 

Klass said: "It's still really weird to watch it because you lived it."

Speaking about the "brutal" final challenge Klass described how she broke her braces after getting a bit of mice tail stuck behind one. 

She said: "Ant and Dec kept asking me what it tasted like. A mouse died behind a radiator when I was at school and the smell that came from that, it tasted a bit like that."

She added the fermented tofu tasted like what she imagined "bin juice" would taste like.

Willoughby and Schofield asked how she got through those kinds of challenges.

Klass said: "I do think a lot of it is mind over matter. 

"If you let your mind go somewhere else, you've lost already."

Since leaving South Africa Klass said she has kept in touch with a lot of her campmates. 

She has a WhatsApp group with Janice Dickinson and gets postcards from Paul Burrell.

Describing one of the hardest parts about appearing on I'm A Celebrity...South Africa was being away from her family for so long. 

Klass said: "You don't realise how isolating it is.

"You have complete radio silence. You don't know whether your kids have got their PE kit in the mornings, or if they are really ok."

But she said it was her daughter's idea to join the show.

She finished the interview on This Morning by addressing the rumours about her becoming an MP

Klass said they had come about because she was trying to change a bill at the moment surrounding support for women dealing with miscarriages.

Myleene Klass wins I'm a Celeb South Africa

Klass and Banjo, were the final two campmates and competed in a challenging eating trial with nine rounds, as the rest of the former cast watched, to be crowned the first ever I'm a Celeb 'legend'.

They both had to write down how much of each food they would eat before getting stuck in with a five-minute time limit for each round.

During one part of the trial, Myleene chose to eat 60 mice tails in two minutes.

Klass won the challenge and was crowned the first ever I'm a Celebrity legend.

She said: "I feel so happy. Honestly, it was really hard to come away from your family... I'm a mum but with that, you get a superpower because you have three little sets of eyes watching you."